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Handline Upgrade Information  Click Here For Powerpoint Presentation
Targeted at full-size 50-350 gpm TFT handlines, with a slide valve shut-off, produced from 1985 through January 2004, this exclusive upgrade package is designed for easy installation in the field, and will bring an old nozzle up to current NFPA compliant performance. The upgrade package will have complete instructions and the parts necessary to easily make the conversion - some basic tools will be required. Tip-Only versions of the older handline series will not accept this upgrade package. The upgrade package includes a new factory tested front end (including a new style pressure control mechanism and labeling), as well as a new polymer color-coded shut-off handle kit. The MSRP (suggested list price) is $405, and is available through TFT’s distribution network, or by contacting customer service.
The upgrade includes a new high-performance front end, your choice of pressure control assembly, and a newly designed color coded shut-off handle.
 Shut Off Grip Colors Available     NFPA 1964 Compliant Performance
   Low or Dual Pressure     Easlily Upgraded in the Field
        New Five Year Warranty
Single Pressure Dual Pressure
HX-100-KIT 95-300 gpm @ 100 psi (standard pressure) HXD-100-KIT 95-250 gpm @ 100/55 psi (dual pressure)
HX-75-KIT 95-250 gpm @ 75 psi (low pressure) HXD-75-KIT 95-250 gpm @ 75/45 psi (dual low pressure)
Handline Series nozzles manufactured between 1985 and 2003 can be upgraded. If you are unsure about your nozzles manufacture date, contact your local authorized Task Force Tips Dealer for complete details.