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1 Do you now produce AC5ANJ-NJ Hydrant Gate Valve, Aluminum, 2.5" NH Female swivel Inlet, 2.5" NH Male Outlet?
Answer:  Yes, and it is a vast improvement on what was in the market before
2 We are currently working on a deicing aerial lift device and our customer has selected Task Force Tips deicing nozzle BGH-HT150-PD for the application. I have three questions regarding this nozzle: 1.) The delivery system pressure and flowrate will be 200 psig and 80 gpm respectively. Will the deicing nozzle selected handle this system pressure and flowrate continuously? 2.) If the BGH-HT150-PD will accommodate a system pressure and flowrate of 200 psig and 80 gpm respectively, what is the approximate nozzle reaction force in this condition? 3.) It has also been specified that all components within the delivery system must be able to withstand a hydrostatic pressure of at least twice the system working pressure (i.e. 400 psig). Will the deicing nozzle selected accommodate this hydrostatic presure without leakage or failure? Thank you.
Answer:  In response to your questions. 1. The system pressure and delivery rate should work well with that nozzle. The nozzle will maintain approx. 150 psi base pressure and deliver 80 gpm. 2. Nozzle reaction force at this flow and nozzle pressure is about 49 lbs. 3. These nozzles have been designed to meet and exceed your 400 psig hydrostatic pressure specifications.
3 What is the advantage of using Task Force automatic deicing nozzles. We use some now that have a ring on them to adjust the gallons per minute. They look pretty old.
Answer:  Task Force Tips nozzles maintain a constant nozzle pressure throughout a wide flow range. That allows you to have good reach of the fluid and a forceful enough stream to aid in deicing the aircraft. The flow on our handheld nozzles can be adjusted by simply moving the bail handle. The nozzle will automatically adjust to the different flow and maintain a constant nozzle pressure to reach the intended target. On your exisiting nozzles with the selector ring, flow is adjusted by moving the ring, AND the output pressure of the pumping system would need to be changed accordingly as well, to acheive the selected flow. This is not automatic, and fluid may be wasted by having a stream that will not reach the intended target. The operator may also feel more backpressure if the pump output pressure is not changed.
4 Since you acquired the appliance division of Jaffrey, When do you expect to have the Line Relay Valve in your product line??
Answer:  This is a product that we do not intend to have in the line. There were less than 10 per year sold and that is simply enough to get the cost to where anybody will buy it
5 Where are your Deicing products primarily used?
Answer:  The deicing and anti-icing nozzles are used worldwide, by most major air carriers and air package delivery companies. The appropriate nozzle can be used to dispense Deicng and/or Anti-Icing fluids for proper ice control of the crititcal surfaces of the airplanes.