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1 Is it true that TFT has aquired Jaffrey? If so are parts availible? I have a Manifold which was built in 6/92, it is 5" stortz in and out with 4 2 1/2" discharges. The seat for the Large diameter gate has fallen aprat. Are parts availible? Thank you-Randy Preston
Answer:  Yes we did purchase the assets of Jaffrey. We supported the service of the Jaffrey Products for as long as we could. The parts that came with the aquisation have run out and we also now have a full product line of water delivery equipment to choose from. By supporting the serivce of that product line we were able to view first hand the problems that product line had. We used this information to assist us in building a Ball Intake Valve that is far superior. If you need assistance with selecting a comparable model for replacement please give our Serive/Tech team a call.
2 How do you adjust the relief valve on the Ball Intake Valve and how do you tell what pressure you have it set on?
Answer:  There are pressures marked around the perimeter of the housing. Turn the screw in or out until the step that has the pressure you desire is flush with the face of the par that turns. Out lowers the pressure in raises it.
3 I understand that since you have purchsed Jaffrey Fire protection and its hardware line that you will continue to sell a limited Jaffrey/TFT valve line. Is this true? and when will this line be available for purchasing again? Please advise Ricky Finch Bailey FD
Answer:  We now have a full line of water supply hardware available. We continue to grow this product line by the addition of products that are designed to make the job not only easier but also faster and more reliable.