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1 How much pressure does your 4.5 inch suction hose with the long handles take before bursting ? Will they handle normal hydrant pressure of 125lbs ?
Answer:  it is suction hose, it is not rated for any pressure service at all. The only suction hose that was ever rated for pressure was the old hard inflexible kind that was in use thirty years ago. For pressure use LDH to the truck, for suction use our suction hose.
2 We recently purchased a section of 2.5" hard suction. We need to cut it to 84" for storage purposes. Is this something that can be done without specialized tools? There is a removable cover on each end which reads "remove for field repair." Do I attempt to cut it or should it be sent back to TFT? Thanks.
Answer:  It is not a difficult thing to do but it does take a special tool to tighten the bands. Most cities have one of these tools as this is the same banding that is used to put up street signs on poles. We also have a program where we will ship the tool and the new bands out to a fire department along with the new bands that are needed to make the repair. When the job is done the tool can be sent back. A manual tool is about 60 dollars if the fire department wants to have one on hand. It can also be shipped back to us and we will do the shortening for free. You have lots of options all of which we hope result in you being satisfied that you were taken care of. If you want to arrange to borrow a tool please send an email to mjg@tft.com and include a copy of this text in the email. Or refer to this document for complete details lia-325.pdf