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1 What year was TFT started?
Answer:  TFT was started as "Fire Task Force Innovations" in the basement of the McMillan home in Hobart Indiana in 1971. The original idea for the automatic nozzle was penned on a napkin by Clyde McMillan, that napkin is on the wall of the TFT conference room today!
2 Who purchased the first TFT nozzle?
Answer:  Downers Grove Illinois purchased a Master Stream conversion unit in the fall of 1971. The Chief at the time was Frank Wander
3 What percentage of TFT employees are also firefighters themselves?
Answer:  About 10% are currently active as firefighters and about 20% have been a firefighter at some time in the past.
4 What is the "mission" of Task Force Tips?
Answer:  Task Force Tips Mission Statement:

Task Force Tips Delivers!!!

What the customer needs!

When they need it!

5 Who answers the Hydraulics Hotline and how does it work?
Answer:  The 800-348-2686 number rings into the TFT office 24 hours per day. In the non business hours an automatic attendent answers the phone. If the user desires technical assistance they are requested to dial a 3. At this point the phone system forwards the call to the cell phone of Stewart McMillan the company President and nozzle/hydraulics guru.
6 We are spec'ing a new pumper for our department. Do you have anyone locally that can show us your products?
Answer:  TFT has distributors all over the country and around the world which have products available for demonstration. In the U.S., these can be found easily on this site by going to the distributor search section of the site and entering your zip code. Elsewhere in the world, you can contact TFT for the individual representation in your area.

TFT also has 5 Demonstrator vehicles located around the country with our regional managers who would be happy to assist you and the local distributor to find the best products to serve your needs.

7 Does the napkin really exist? And did Elkhart or TFT invent the Automatic nozzle?
Answer:  Yes the napkin does exist, and is on the wall of the conference room at TFT. The napkin proves conclusivley that TFT invented the automatic nozzle.
8 Why does the ORDER of TFT serial numbers not correspond to the date of manufacture of the product.
Answer:  It has been noted by some people that the order of the serial numbers of TFT products does NOT match the date of manufacture. For example, serial number 1000 could be made in January and serial number 50 could be manufactured in June. How can this be? The answer is simple yet not obvious. TFT manufactures the parts for the products in "lots" varying from 50 to 2000 pieces. These pieces all have the serial number applied when they are manufactured NOT when they are assembled. The same component could be used in any of a number of different finished model numbers and as such the serial number is not recorded with the manufacture date until such time as they are recorded in the computer as a particular model. The parts themselves are not stored in any particular order as that would be the ultimate in "busy work". They are drawn from inventory at random so it is very easy for a part that has a high number to be used in January and a lower numbered part get used later in the year even though it is built into a newer product. That is the wonderfull thing about computers, they don't care, they just sort them by date and that is all that matters.
9 It is to hard to register onto your web site. Your gona loose alot of the simple minded firefighters visiting the site because of the confusion. FE/P in San Jose, CA. Not soo computer illiterate but still I could not register to the satisfaction of your site registration.
Answer:  I hope that this has changed now. If not please let us know. Yes we have a rather complete registration and it is rather new. The date or your FAQ indicates that you tried it the first week that it was up and it still needed tweaking